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How much will electricity prices rise in your municipality in 2024?

With the new tariff, solar energy remains one of the best investments. Prices have been rising steadily for years. Solar panels will  save your money and make a contribution to the environment


We’ve been installing and designing solar power plants for over 14 years.

We employ only certified, highly qualified specialists. We offer free maintenance for the first year!


Solar charging stations – a profitable investment! The cost of electricity for cars is constantly rising! Switzerland, switch to electric cars. The price at gas stations ranges from 45 cents to 89 cents per kilowatt/hour. At the same time, the price of buying back excess electricity from Romande Energie, or SIG, is 7 to 14 cents. And it can go down. There are cases of negative rates in Europe.



The solar thermal system is the best solution for heating and hot water. 

Country house, hotel, commercial or industrial installation, swimming pool.


Our company has been specializing in roof renovation for many years. Thanks to a well-coordinated and experienced team of specialists, we complete the job in the shortest possible time, using the highest quality roofing materials.


The system can take over optimized solutions and perform certain tasks without human intervention. Simply control it remotely

by pressing buttons on the remote control/gadgets or by voice command.


With our innovative technology, you can earn money by contributing to the harmonious development of nature and man.

Earn with us


“OUR CAPABILITIES”. A team of highly qualified professionals designs solar power plants for industry and private homes. Qualified, certified construction and installation crews will quickly and efficiently perform the installation, commissioning and connection to the “solar tarif”.

Contribute to the environment now and make super profits!


Design and build all types
of solar power plants


We provide service during the
entire period of operation.


We sell equipment and
accessories at the best prices


Our main principle is professionalism.

product distribution

Own distribution

Swiss Green Power Tech is the official distributor of well-known, reliable global manufacturers of components for solar power plants.

Accurate calculations

At the design stage of solar power plants, we use the PVSyst software. This allows us to take into account all the factors of influence and provide our customers with accurate data on the configuration and up to 98% correct forecasts for the payback of the station.

Experience of IIG Alfa-Invest

Swiss Green Power Tech is a continuation of the Ukrainian enterprise IIG ALFA-INVEST, which, before the start of the war for more than 14 years’ was participated in the construction of renewable power plants with a total capacity – 255 mWh.

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