More than 14 years

Swiss Green Power designs, builds, connects and maintains Renewable Power Plants

Our main principle is professionalism.

product distribution

Own distribution

Swiss Green Power  is the official distributor of well-known, reliable global manufacturers of components for solar power plants.

Accurate calculations

At the design stage of solar power plants, we use the PVSyst software. This allows us to take into account all the factors of influence and provide our customers with accurate data on the configuration and up to 98% correct forecasts for the payback of the station.

Experience of IIG Alfa-Invest

Swiss Green Power is a continuation of the Ukrainian enterprise IIG ALFA-INVEST, which, before the start of the war for more than 14 years’ was participated in the construction of renewable power plants with a total capacity – 255 mWh.

Why us?

We are distributors of many global manufacturers

This means that we are service partners and provide an official guarantee for our equipment.

We are professionally educated

We have received referrals from our suppliers and tested them on our own experience with our technical knowledge. We have been building power plants for 14 years.

We have a resource

We have stock warehouse of components, so we can build a home station in few weeks.

We quickly fix what's broken

Our service center will promptly carry out service work so that your station will not be idle for more than 1 week.

We provide best prices

Due to our partnership with direct manufactories, we can offer good prices for our services.

We have a resource

You shouldn’t be worry about administrative works –our experts take care of this work.

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